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CCYCardcaptor Yoshi, better known as CCY, protagonist of this game, is a 17-year-old freshman at Harvey Mudd. One morning, while walking through a park searching for a restroom, he finds himself swept off his feet and spirited away to a fantastical high school for anime bloggers named Gakuensuki. CCY's interests include: anime, sex, anime, going to college, anime, and anime. However, he realizes, now is not the time for anime! While at Gakuensuki, he must pursue two things: sex, and getting back to college.

OmoOmo of Omo's Thing is an energetic and reliable girl, always there to help CCY cheer up. What their often absurd interactions lack in sense is made up for with an abundance of sexual tension. Omo's genki nature is only so deep, however, and it might be wise not to drill deeper...

CJCJ, the blogger formerly known as CJ Blackwing, is renowned campus-wide at Gakuensuki for her exaggerated overreactions to things. Laughing hysterically at dumb jokes, slaughtering the classmate who made a joke at her expense... everything is over-the-top with CJ. As CCY discovers shortly after meeting her, she's taken—by a member of the faculty. Maybe she's mature. Or the opposite.

Dr. lolikitsuneDr. lolikitsune is the Satire teacher at Gakuensuki. He is respected by the other faculty as the teacher with the most successful cult of personality at the school; Director Miao, though he hates lolikitsune's guts, cannot fire him for fear of the repercussions amongst the student body. Leveraging this inappropriate tenure, lolikitsune spends most of his time trolling, insulting, or otherwise molesting his students.

Jason MiaoDirector Jason Miao founded Gakuensuki in 2005 in order to cement his hegemony in the aniblogosphere. Using "education" as a front, he subdues all bloggers who might surpass him in popularity and teaches them values like: "more screenshots," "worse grammar," and "less analysis." Lonely mornings, he sits on park benches, waiting for poor, bathroom-needing souls to wander past.

MarmotMarmot is a mysterious little girl who wanders the hallways of Gakuensuki, dragging a large stuffed marmot behind her. She attaches herself to CCY rather rapidly, though she is not trusting—one wrong move could have you writhing in supernatural flames. Wait, supernatural?

Owen SOwen S. - info coming soon

MikeMike - info coming soon

ScottScott - info coming soon

Baka-RaptorBaka-Raptor - info coming soon

DarkMirageDarkMirage - info coming soon

RiexRiex - info coming soon

HinanoHinano - info coming soon

ImpzImpz - info coming soon

OsOs - info coming soon

lKnightlKnight - info coming soon

More characters will be introduced in later versions.