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your thoughts have summoned this post from hell

so, as i pray...

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12 Days Day 5: Will you kill someone you love, because of love?


Lolikitean Christmas continues with more Madoka (click for yesterday’s).

I never “shipped” Kyoko and Sayaka the way some have. As some of you may remember, yuri goggles lost their usefulness for me thanks to Erica Friedman treating Aria the way yuri fangirls will. I shouldn’t blame her. In fact, I retract all my previous poison. But she was still wrong, still a bullheaded dipshit, and her obstinate insistence upon reading her fandom and tendencies into everything from Noir to AIR ruined yurispec[1] for me forever.

All this said: the friendship between the two weakest characters in the cast impressed me, and when Kyoko’s scorpion and Sayaka’s mermaid clash in their final fight, I was shaken.

Never forget.

Love & mutual destruction are not infrequently linked.

(ShizNat, anyone?)


these notes are like lelouch's head to the boot of this post's suzaku

  1. yuri specs, e.g. yuri goggles, but also The Spectacle of Yuri – a polysemous entry in the lolikitean dictionary! []

it is moist & delicious meta

and it's not even a lie!

penned this last love song at 13:31 on December 18, 2011.

It's categorized as Anime, Commentary, Comparative, Vocabulary Lesson, and it's tagged over nine thousand things, including: , class s, , , , subtext, , , yuri specs. What a slut.

At least it only has 6 comments and 3,254 views.

6 Responses

  1. I already forgot who Kyoko is.

  2. Love & mutual destruction are not infrequently linked.

    Even in real life, doc.

    I almost forgot that I love you for loving GRZ.

  3. Fangirl desire, excessive. It was good, but I don’t think Kyoko and Sayaka’s conflict struck me as hard as the conflict in GRZ. It was tragic, but I didn’t have the level of emotional investment in the characters.

    Also, “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

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