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your thoughts have summoned this post from hell

so, as i pray...

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Aniblog Tourney Day 2: Revenge of the Header Images

Another day, another two matches in the Aniblog Tourney. Here’s the battlefield:

wow, i'm losing

Sorry, mefloraine! I didn’t vote for you!

I had previous knowledge of two of the blogs this time, one in each match. To prove that my friendship with Hanners[1] and mefloraine[2] is not prejudicing me in my voting patterns, I shall stick to the rubric I applied to the Cock Driver-Suckyjitsu match.[3]

Without further ado, let’s examine headers!!

First, Hanners’:


Next, wat u say:


Match 3 Winner: wat u say

Easy enough, hm?

Starting off Match 4, we’ve got Paper Flower:


And finally, Lower-Mid Table:


Match 4 Winner: Lower-Mid Table

See? I am impartial. I am justice.

Now to address a tangential topic that came up a few times yesterday: my place in the ‘sphere.

Baka-Raptor said, commenting on yesterday’s Aniblog Tourney post, that I’m a has-been. Similarly, Kabitzin slammed me in a comment on the actual Aniblog Tourney site, essentially stating that no one cares about me.

At the same time, Janette stated that my wit “makes the tournament” while separately CJ IMed me and said the following:

4:11:08 PM CJ: are you really not in the aniblog tourney bracket?
4:11:11 PM lolikit: i’m not
4:11:19 PM lolikit: hahaha
4:11:28 PM CJ: holy crap that’s retarded
4:11:33 PM lolikit: ahahahah
4:11:33 PM CJ: you’re like
4:11:37 PM CJ: THE troll blog
4:11:42 PM CJ: you’re frigging important

Setting aside the fact that she’s wrong and that DrmChsr0’s Swiss Cheese Porn is the real troll blog, we see an obvious trend here: men hate me, chicks love me. Digiboy? It looks like I’m unintentionally winning at your game. Now to shamelessly rip a screenshot of your blog…

all the single ladies


these notes are like lelouch's head to the boot of this post's suzaku

  1. I dunno about this one actually. []
  2. To be honest, I’ve never interacted with her directly; I mostly know how ‘awesome’ she is from Gargron and digiboy. []
  3. oshit I just realized wat u say is nazarielle’s blog, and that he’s a good friend of mine from a while back. erm… >_> []

it is moist & delicious meta

and it's not even a lie!

penned this last love song at 7:27 on April 20, 2010.

It's categorized as Commentary, Community, Meta-Anibloggery, and it's tagged over nine thousand things, including: , , janette, , lower-mid table, , nazarielle, , , , , wat u say. What a slut.

At least it only has 44 comments and 7,470 views.

44 Responses

  1. I… don’t get this fixation (fetish?) of yours with headers, long or short or otherwise. What?

  2. Tired of too much head?

    Okay that was terrible.

  3. No wonder you love my site so much: my posts are headless.

  4. You need a bigger monitor. I need a bigger online penis, but don’t have one so use large header images to make up for it.

  5. I don’t vote, but is Drm even in the thing?

  6. We discounted meta-blogs from the tournament because they only serve to the greater circle-wank effect. So no Moritheil Review, no Ani-Nouta, no Drm and no notdotq

    • Ouph. I -do- blog anime, man. ;(

      • No, this is a satire of anime blogs. Other bloggers like it while the uninitiated look on in confusion.

        • Actually, other bloggers also look on in confusion.

        • Should I even bother noting that I have a far greater percentage of anime-blogging posts to non-anime-blogging posts than, say, Loli Salad? You feature countless toy/game/etc. “anime” blogs in your tourney, yet you turn me away because I happen to have meta-anibloggery in addition.

          For the record, mate, I have something like 280 anime blog posts to 70 meta posts.

          And again, I don’t particularly want to be in the tourney. I find it hugely silly, and a potential waste of time. I am merely bemused by my exclusion.

          Lastly… I don’t see what bloggers vs. readers as the target demographic has to do with anything. Most of the people voting in your tourney are anime bloggers, not non-blogging readers. Also, isn’t the point of a “democratic” tourney to let the voters decide what they want? (This is one reason the ABA nominations process, though flawed, is a huge step up from “here’s a bracket, suck it.”)

          • what if you’re a predominant reader that blogs once every full moon to prevent himself from writing longass forum posts about stupid bullshit


          • i say if this is next year, we engineer some sort of drama or rigging with animebloops and recency or something

            i am the best candidate because baka-raptor is blinder than an eyeless cow in a snowstorm covered in revoltech evangelion figures

            i’m new to the scene and tempered by years of being an irrational shithead with a “persecution complex” who gets banned everywhere. i am the perfect man for the job.

          • Either that or the perfect man to feature in forumwarz Episode 4 as a new NPC.

          • Hey I think the tourney is fun. I don’t actually vote, i just read up on what everyone writes as a result of the tourney. You all write well, and the tourney is just another yardstick after all.

      • Actually, you blog anime like Ani-Nouto has a vibrant comment section going on.

  7. using the site header as a basis for usability strictly on its size is not quite there. In fact, because Hanners’ is just a giant image, it’s pretty clear what’s happening even to the uninitiated. Sure, you can’t see the whole fucking thing on a mobile or netbook or older screen, but whatever. Wat U Say on the other hand, has one of my most hated WordPress themes ever, partially because it’s ugly but partially because the header is kind of nonexistent, making the title of the blog not always apparent. Paper Flower, because of its white background and general lack of containment definitely loses to LMT though, which is nice and concise.

    Also, important to note when considering usability is your audience: aniblogs are a specific niche whose readers also fall into a specific niche that tends to be tech savvy, using nicer computers, and… not blind.

    As for you not being included, fuck that. I admit that when I first showed up at your site and you were doing almost all aniblog satire (as opposed to all Jason all the time shortly after) I was confused as balls. But lately you do seem to be more anime focused.

    • Thanks for the insightful comments on headers. They may be useful to my other readers, who might not understand that this criterion of mine is a joke. I mean, seriously? A small red bar and ‘I CAME HARDER THAN OMO?’ Anyhow. I do have a problem with Hanners’ header, though, and it’s two-fold: first, I hate K-on; second, I like being able to see more of a site’s content the moment it loads (same problem with Suckyjitsu). Personal pref, perhaps, but eh. I really don’t think the issue applies at all to Paper Flower vs. Lower-Mid Table.

      And thanks for your support re:inclusion. I have to note though that most of my anime heavy-lifting came even before you started reading my site, back in 2006-2007 (when I roped Owen into the ‘sphere). I’m still going at it, though :D

    • What about Baka Raptor, otou-san? He’s blind, sorta.

      As for your exclusion, I didn’t have any say in it, but it seems to me that you barely blogged at all this year, and most of it was non-anime, especially recently.

  8. I love lolikit. I’m a man. What does this mean, lolikit?

  9. So smaller header equals win?

    I know site usability is important and all but personally as a designer I’ve never been into the whole “above the fold” thing. – http://iampaddy.com/lifebelow600/

    But I still enjoy reading your posts, makes this tourney interesting.

    • Interesting article. I’m not huge on design theory, so I wasn’t even familiar with “the Fold”; when I criticize ‘wasted vertical space’ I usually am drawing entirely upon my own experience as an internet user whose monitor’s height doesn’t exceed 800 pixels. (I make similar attacks against websites much wider than 900px, mainly because I abhor the idea that everyone MUST browse in fullscreen in order to enjoy the web.)

      Basically my philosophy is hinged upon the idea that people with large monitors can either A) decrease the size of their browser window or B) zoom the page, while people with small monitors get fucked up the ass by too much whitespace/header/etc..

      It’s not like I’m a whitespace-hater… as you might be able to tell from this site. Everything in moderation.

      Edit: reading the linked article in more depth, I have to say I don’t exactly cling to ‘the Fold’ myself. I don’t cram as much content above 600px as I can, just, you know, some.

      • Good point. Good to see that you’re not in the whole movement too.

        I tried to implement some of your criticisms onto the site. Took out one of the featured post in order to make things load a tad faster and it helped to push the content up a bit. Not gonna change the header tho :P

        Just out of curiosity, what’s your screen resolution?

        • My main comp’s a 13′ Macbook with 1280×800; though I browse in windowed mode with approximately 1000x650pixels visible at a time (and even that’s a bit on the wide side for my comfort level). The netbook I take to class is a 10′ Mini 10 with 1336×768 or something odd like that; I browse in a windowed mode with the same number of pixels visible on that machine as well.

          • Hmm mines a 15″ Macbook Pro.

            Didn’t realize that a lot of people browsed in windowed mode. Will have to take that into consideration then.

          • Maybe not a lot do. I think true ‘power users’ are more likely to do it. Windowed mode is useful for having different docs next to each other.

  10. Pingback: Hanners’ Anime ‘Blog is the Worst ‘Blog Ever | Baka-Raptor

  11. Well at least they don’t have those stupid scanlines on their headers. >_<

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