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your thoughts have summoned this post from hell

so, as i pray...

Home > Archives > 2008 > December > 16

Lolikitean lelangir, or lelangiric lolikit?

I have resurrected my oft-neglected satellite site KYOUSORA.COM, also known as the one and only shrine of YFR.

In part to commemorate this resurrection, and in part to answer lelangir’s sexual advances, I have posted a new story on said satellite site. It’s a 4-koma, and it’s NSFW. Check it out.

it is moist & delicious meta

and it's not even a lie!

penned this last love song at 0:01 on December 16, 2008.

It's categorized as Commentary, and it's tagged over nine thousand things, including: , , , , , . What a slut.

At least it only has 10 comments and 4,395 views.

10 Responses

  1. Everyone came harder than omo.

  2. Have you Come Harder Than Omo Yet?

  3. @ghostlightning: best aniblog meme to date, gotta thank all the good folks involved for that.

    @lelangir: I’m going to have to find some way of putting that into KYOUSORA.COM as a tagline or something. It’s too genius.

  4. I jizzed in my pants.

  5. @Zeroblade: YÔu aRe / nOT ÄlöNE

  6. PLUNGE Redux.

  7. @Omisyth: Aim. SUBMERGE.

  8. :<

  9. @Michael: what’s that supposed to mean, that you think this is hot? ;)

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