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your thoughts have summoned this post from hell

so, as i pray...

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lolikit’s Anime Blog Awards nominations

anime blog awards header

They sound suspiciously like fansubs, don’t they?

So, I’m a huge fan of transparency. And the Anime Blog Awards have transparency—you can easily see who nominated what. But I like taking transparency a step further. A step further into the realm of attention whoring. So I’m going to display all my nominations here along with unfunny comments.

Best Episodic Blog
I nominated Shirukii and Lovely Kitsune. Bias in the case of the former, adulation in the case of the latter. Lovely Kitsune blogged epic on AIR, and it’s arguable that without him I would not have started anime blogging, and that without that, ANO‘s IRC channel would have never been created, and that without that, the ANO community might never have come together, and well… the possibilities run wild from there. But basically, Jason Miao would still run the aniblogosphere.

I guess I’m making it sound like LK’d be good for Most Influential Blog (which he is), but this is due in large part to his episodic posts, which are deserving of epic lulz.

Best Editorial Blog

I nominated jp meyer. He is true win of the editorial. Or at least, he was. I hear he hasn’t been blogging about Kimi ga Nozomu Eien and porn conventions and college anymore, now that he’s not in college anymore. Or is he still? What does an absentfag like me know.

Best Team Blog

I rowed, rowed, and fought the power, and didn’t nominate either of the favorites. I nominated Anime Diet and Anime Blog ga Arimasu. The former because Mike thinks Lain is good (I’m a troll, right?) and the latter because technically Soda accompanies Shirukii.

Also, there has been much outcry against the disappearance of Epic Win Blog. I would have nominated them, but they apparently disappeared off the face of the planet or something. Ah well, must be divine retribution for liking Lucky Star.

Best Manga Blog

I nominated Extrange. He introduced me to My Lovely Ghost KANA or something like that. It was delicious cake and I was a regional CO. ’nuff said.

Most Influential Blog

Here I once more nominated jp meyer and Lovely Kitsune. jp meyer started blogging around the same time as me, just a little over two years ago. He is epic win and inspired me to be such as well. Lovely Kitsune I already explained. In addition to these two, there is one more:


He’s the epitome of anti-influential seeing as he is a derivative work of me. Buuuuut, to be generous, for the purposes of nominations I took the absolute values of everyone’s influence. Owen got up to >9000 instantly, and thusly deserves a nomination.

Best Dorama

DrmChsr0 gets my only nomination in this category. DarkMirage deserved one but I hate dislike him intensely. Drm on the other hand is lovable Jesusfag.

Rookie of the Year

I nominated Owen here again, just to put him in his place. As he himself rightfully noticed, he is technically a rookie until April 9th, the date that my chef d’oeuvre Lucky Star post forced him into the aniblogosphere.

Funniest Blog

More Lovely Kitsune and jp meyer. These Anime Blog Awards are pretty good at at least one thing—they are helping me put a finger on why I like the blogs that I do. Notice how I’m like, the one guy who DIDN’T nominate Jason for this category.

Best Satire Blog

jp meyer. The others are, unfortunately, all complete garbage.

Best Seiyuu-Orientated Blog

I didn’t nominate anyone for this category, for the obvious reason that I would spam my nomination comment with “THE OGRE THE OGRE THE OGRE THE OGRE” and links to hashihime who, though I appreciate him for his work on Simoun, seems to have taken it upon himself to become Hirano Aya’s lifetime biographer. And she is hideous to behold.

Most Thought-Provoking Blog

I’m embarrassed that I nominated Mike for this category. Especially after that post about fansubs and slavery. Totally fucking depressing.

At least I made up for it by nominating Owen (who’s deep like a whore) and jp meyer (who’s deep like stingrAIDs).

Best Blog-related Comic

I’m not going to discuss my nominations in this category because there’s nothing funny about meta-humor. I’ll just say that DiGiKerot is cool.

Best Figurine Blog

I gave a pity nomination in this category to my cute kouhai Riuva. I could go on about “not-win anime blogger” or “tri-penile mangoes” or whatever, but I don’t think I will. Instead I’ll just say that Riuva could have won my support in other categories were it not counter to the very nature of Riuva as originally envisioned to be involved in other categories. Whew. That was hard to say.

Best Art/Doujin/Visual Novel Blog

Best News Blog


In closing I think I’ll just say this: nominate notdotq for Most Influential, or Funniest, or Best Satire, or Best Dorama. Any of those or all of them. Remember the Haruhi hate. Remember the Higurashi hate. Remember the Lucky Star hate. Remember the love.


EDIT: I am impelled to apologize to Baka-Raptor. Even though he went back on his morals and made his site look more like a blog, he’s almost Lovely Kitsune-class funny and that’s epic and I should have nominated him. Unfortunately, the time to edit comments is over. OTL

it is moist & delicious meta

and it's not even a lie!

penned this last love song at 9:30 on March 30, 2008.

It's categorized as Community, Meta-Anibloggery, and it's tagged over nine thousand things, including: , , , , , , , . What a slut.

At least it only has 13 comments and 4,444 views.

13 Responses

  1. I should nominate you for Most Thought-Provoking Blog out of ironic spite.

  2. That’d be cute :3

  3. I lol’d at the nomination for team blog, I think Soda’s last post was early Dec of last year.

    I’m screwed in the episodic category, randomc, subculture and ex-fansubber already occupy 3 of the 5 available spots. Oh well.

    I nominated you for Most Influential, Funniest and Satire <3

  4. Should have come back before I made my nominations. D:

  5. @Shirukiki: <3

    @N: tt

  6. I love the irony of how my Lain article was written long before I even had the notion of blogging about anime. :) Thanks.

  7. I accept your apology.

  8. >>I love the irony of how my Lain article was written long before I even had the notion of blogging about anime.

    I’m never gonna get off your back about it, you know. But you also know I like your blog, so we’re cool, right?

  9. lol wut?

  10. Mr Lolikit,

    You can still change your nomination if you want, by emailing the committee. Second, you didn’t vote for me, you gay fag. Third, I am glad you have some fun. Fourth, I didn’t vote for Jason’s blog too (don’t read his blog because I do not get the references).

    Lastly, you rock. ^^

  11. Voting for TNK shows the ability to discern long-winded people with a point from long-winded trolls like Owen. In brief, it shows taste. Oh wait you didn’t vote for TNK.

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